Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Epistle of Jude: A Welcome

Thanks for stopping by this new venture of mine. I intend to use this site as place to jot down ideas and thoughts on the Epistle of Jude. Some of what I have in mind to appear here are
  • Grammar and Syntax: As I move through this letter, I will deal the grammatical and syntactical aspect as they appear in Jude.
  • Exegetical Scribbling: There will most likely be quite a bit of questions, with answers to follow as I move through Jude.
  • Text-Critical Notes: While Jude is a shorter writingonly twenty-five verses—there are some significant variant readings (cf. Jude 5).
  • Commentary on the Text: Ideally, I hope to make my way systematically through the text of Jude.
  • Commenting on Commentaries, Articles, Monographs, etc.: There will be some interaction with secondary sources as I work through Jude.
Right now I only plan on updating this site during the weekend, as time allows. But that could change! I hope that you will stick around and follow along as I make my way through Jude's short, yet powerful writing.

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